Should People Be Arrested For Creating Road Blocks?

I saw this on television news again today. I see it on Facebook almost every day. People that create a road block hinder other people from their daily lives. Their right to protest does not give them the right to step on my rights to make a living. I’ve also heard that they prevent emergency vehicles to pass. This is insane to me. Our emergency services attempting to help others in need and protesters think they should stop that. My question is, should these people be arrested? Absolutely they should be arrested. This is not peaceably protesting. This is creating riot of sorts and when they prevent emergency responders from doing their job it becomes a crime. This is only my opinion. Would like to hear from you. 




    1. “In most jurisdictions, pedestrians always have the right of way, even if they are not within a marked crosswalk, and even if they are obstructing traffic. If a driver were to do what you propose here, they would at least be committing a traffic infraction, and at most attempted murder…but more likely simple vehicular assault.” Cliff Gilley, Seattle University
      That’s why we need the help of police apprehension.


  1. Yes!!! I believe people have become so extreme concerning their “rights”, while completely ignoring the rights of others. I have no problem with a peaceful protest, which is their right. I have a problem when their protest interferes with ANYONE ELSE’S rights. Be it, emergency vehicles or an ordinary citizen. They want “equal rights” for themselves yet they find it perfectly okay to trample someone else’s rights. Lock ’em up!!!

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