Amarillo Police Bust Sex Trafficking Operation

Amarillo Police Bust Sex Trafficking Operation
By: Kelly James 

Posted: Mar 02, 2017 05:14 PM CST

Updated: Mar 02, 2017 11:19 PM CST

Amarillo Police uncover what’s believed to be an online sex trafficking operation.

Now, the feds are involved.

It’s a case that goes back nearly a year.
Police arrested a man this past July for soliciting a minor for sex through Facebook.
Undercover agents with the Department of Homeland Security and Amarillo Police teamed up to arrest a local man they believe was involved in recruiting minors for a sex operation.
Billy Kid Cain was arrested last summer for allegedly trying to meet with a previous victim.He’s charged with online solicitation of a minor.

Federal court documents say Cain was working with another man through Facebook to entice underage girls into a prostitution business.
The undercover agent was portraying an underage teenaged girl during conversations with both Cain and the other man identified as Mario Vogel.
Before allowing the girls to be employed in the sex trade, Cain allegedly tried to get them to pass a so-called tryout.
Some of the online exchanges between Cain’s alleged partner and the undercover agent allegedly asked for nude photos of the girl.
Vogel would ask questions like – “U like sex?”
And, the girl was repeatedly asked to meet with Cain.
Officer Jeb Hilton says these types of questions should be red flags for the victims and their parents.
Amarillo Police Department Ofc. Jeb Hilton said, “It’s easy for them to fall victim to something like this. if parents will educate their children, let know that yes, there are bad people out there. There are people that would want to hurt you and just let your kids know what to look out for. let them know that it’s okay for them to say no. They do have the right to say no.”
During the course of the investigation, Cain allegedly did meet with another underage girl and police say sexual activity did occur.
Afterward, an undercover officer, pretending to be the victim, allegedly set up another meeting. That’s when Cain was arrested.
Now, the feds are seeking a search warrant to search the Facebook archives of Cain and Vogel.
Cain was released on bond shortly after his arrest in July but, he was arrested again in December on a charge of Sexual Assault of a Child.


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