I’ve been on each side of parole. Not as an offender, but as an officer and as a parent. From each standpoint, I believe that parole is a huge joke. They work for the state of Texas. I get it. It is a good paying job. I guess. Are they really working for their clients? I don’t think they are. Warrants. Lock up. Half way houses. Prison. There is nothing there to say that the parole officer works for the client. They don’t care. It’s a paycheck no matter what they do. Who cares? They get their bills paid. But they honestly don’t give a damn about the offenders they are certified to work for. Send them to prison.  Who cares? The parents. The family. The client themselves. I have seen the clients work their their tails off to live a normal life except parole is the entity that continues to hold their lives. They control each individual. Isn’t their job to re-entry each person into society as a law-abiding citizen? Yet they don’t. They do whatever they want to do each day and then go home at 5pm. This is a subject to be continued.


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